Monday, June 1, 2009

wHen tHe pAst CoMes to The PreSent...

After almost 7 years, I met my friends from my secondary school in a reunion initiated by some of them. Initially, I agreed to attend the reunion considering that I was quite free at the moment. Then, last minute, I needed to call it off due to certain reason. And then at the later minute than the last minute, I agreed to re-join the reunion.. Complicated huh? Yup! After all, life is complicated. Never mind, to encapsulate, I did come to the 2 day and 1 night event in PD.

The meeting was great... There were a few awkward moments for me... I personally find it quite hard to adjust myself at first because many things have changed including myself. I just cannot find the vocabs to describe why I felt that way... Maybe because they expect me to be how I used to be in school (I could sense that from they way they treat me): therefore, I needed to 'be' whom I used to be... Of course I have no hard feeling whatsoever for that but you know... Hmmm.. (It's hard for me to explain)...

Overall, things was great. The best time there was when I spent almost the entire night doing the barbecue dealing with the charcoal, meat, sausage, chicken and the smoke (only God knows how disappointing I was when there was nothing left to be cooked.. hehehe). It's easier to deal with dead things, really! (but I have no intention to be neither embalmer nor crematorium technician. What more a coroner).
The reunion calls me to reflect on the past things which reflection might change the future (I prefer to write it in general rather than specifying it. Let me keep this for myself since I nowadays do have an issue with trust. But generally, it's about how great things in the past didn't really turn out to be really great at the present- during the reunion, as I expected).

(p/s: This is rather an unedited version because I'm typing this in OLD TOWN White Coffee at my used-to-be houing area while waiting for the call from KFC regarding the part time job I applied last week. So, I couldn't really concentrate at my writing because I'm more focussed at the coffea.. hehehe.. I'll edit it next time)

It's over.. & zillion thanks to..


It's over, eventually... After the 6-year struggle in this metropolitan city, there is a personal satisfaction for what I've managed to achieve in my study. Frankly, things might be better if I work harder at certain points. However, at most of the 'points', I know that I've done the best of my ability AT THAT MOMENT. Therefore, I do forgive myself and I've no regret for that. Indeed, I"m THANKFUL for getting the opportunities to walk down the lane and to experience what I've experienced in the last six years while completing my degree.. Both sweet and sour experience have taught me a great lesson for my future undertaking.

Thought, at the end of the day, it wasn't the greatest achievement of mankind whatsoever, it was (and still is and will forever be) a tremendous feeling to bounce back from my 'failure' during my secondary years. Plus, knowing great people (lecturers and friends) made the journey is worth taken... Since I owe them so much in any way, I'd like to take the trouble to list down their names here (I hope I didn't miss any names coz I'm rushing while writing this entry. Some I just categorized them since I'm running out of time):

1) My family (dad, mum, sis and my bro in law, my younger sis and bro).
2) My neighbours in Mersing, Johor.
3) My close friends/ course mates especially Aizam, Peik Jin, Aqmaal, Ermi, Anyss, Julia, Izz,
Mazliana, Zaff, Sze Mei, Alison, Kia Hooi...
4) The boys a.k.a my housemates/ course mates: Aiman, Firdaus, Ihsan, Amzar, Muhafiz,
Soddiq, Hafizuddin, Hadi, Aizat, Kherie, Zulfadli, Jeng Yong, Ing Ping.
5) My close friends in IPGM IK: Adham, Nazmi, Haziq, Jais.
6) ALL Lecturers both in IPIK and UM (such as Miss Illa, Miss Hawa, Mdm Komathy, Miss
Azlina, Miss Grace, Mdm Sheerin, Mdm Khalida, Ms Tracy, Mdm Joice, Mr. Ramli, Mdm
Aziah, Mdm Shanti, Mdn Norhalini, EN. Zulkifli, Ustaz Jainuddin, and the list go on and on).
7) Staffs in both IPGM IK and UM (such as Puan Noriah, Puan Marbiah etc)...

and every individuals who have helped me all this while. You know who you are...


Friday, May 29, 2009

tHe fINaL NiGhT...

For the past two years, I've been living in a house we (my course mates and I) rented. Now, I'm moving out (in fact, all of us) since we already finished our study in University of Malaya. I must say that the house is rather comfortable to live in (of course, we paid RM1300 per month :excluding bills). Since I've no camera of my own, i couldn't paste the pictures of the house here. However, at the final night in the house (specifically in my room), I managed to take few pics of me using my laptop's cam. My room is rather empty because i've already moved most of my belongings; thus, it looks like a empty studio. This is just totally for fun. Therofore, some pics might make you say, 'WHAT?!' After all, what's wrong having fun one in a while right? 'huhuhu..
(CONTENT WARNING: Some of the photos might not appropriate for majorities/minorities. If so, make sure your eyes do not go beyond the full stop of this sentence.)

To begin with...



After that...

To encapsulate...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

3rd: mOnEy is pOWerFuL, isN't it? (Part 1)

Undeniably, money is inevitable in our life. Without money, most of essential things could not be done. However, it's also important to note that not everything could be carried out if you have money... In friendship for example, I personally reckon that money isn't so powerful after all to keep it alive (at least that is what I've learned from my not-so-wide life experience)...
this is my tWo cents on this topic (since I'm not in the writing mood at the moment, I'll keep it short... To make it even shorter, I'll do part by part. This is the 1st one. Only God knows when the subsequent part will be posted. Lalalala) :

1) Friends do dine together... Money (lots and lots of course) allows us to dine in a very luxury hotel whatsoever. Yet, without some laugh and leisure chit chat, I'd prefer to eat somewhere in mamak stalls or somewhere by the roadside (but frankly, I'd would love to dine at such places if we could laugh aloud (my own term)... Seriously, who doens't want to). After all, it is not the food and place that determine how happy you are with them, it is these small small things (chat, laughter, and of course, some gossips,) that end the end, remind us how great the the friendship is.

Indeed, in years to come, those are the things that we are going to talk about when we meet again (maybe during reunion or some even say BTN.Opsss.. credit to maal for this superb BTN reunion idea.. hehehe). Apparently we would talk more about the moments together rather than the luxury food we had few years back (because we might have tasted better food over the subsequent years but the great time together is to be treasured forever).

And if you still haven't realised by now, those simple simple things is cheaper (or I should say F.O.C) than having to eat at only-God-knows-why-it-is-very-expensive places.

(Apparently, this is neither a picture of mine nor my friends. It's from the internet. To whom it may concern, let me know if you'd like me to remove these images)

To be continue (only God knows when)....

2nd: Colours of Rainbow

This poem is specially dedicated to special people whom i met in my life. You all know who you are. I'm truly blessed to get to know all of you... The last 6 years might not be as great as they were if without all of you...

(Note: At the time this poem was written, these 7 colours of a rainbow were really significant in my life. Today, apart from them who are I'm still very closed to, extra colours of rainbow have appeared even since and illuminate my life. To name a few... Cik Jue and the four boys I met in IPIK- Am, Nazmi, Haziq and Jais. Of course, if i have time, i'll write something about them)

The Lasses


Stripes of a rainbow, which is not a rainbow.

End of a journey will never be in dictionary.

Restless body and mind will be an excuse not.

Might not look mighty, yet,


Shy yet not so shy.

Yes, not that shy.

Armed with love.

Inspire sapiens.

Do it to the fullest.

Aim high.

Try the best to comfort the rest


Last breath.

‘I’ usually disappear.

Zero, almost, for self.

May be the cruelest.

And yet, a kind-hearted

Zzzzz…. Late night, no, early ‘morning’!

To strive the best,

Endless effort is prerequisite.

Overcome every obstacle.

Hundreds won’t be a problem.

A good fruit

Nature or nurtured?

It might be debatable.

Still, it is a good fruit.

Master of chatterbox

And sometimes master of all trades.

A world-class educator

Looking forward to be.


Stripes of a rainbow, which is not a rainbow

Yet, the seven

Make up a rainbow.

12 June 2006, 0001

Friday, April 3, 2009

A bEgiNinG... kiNd oF

I'd like to begin this blog with this poem i wrote a very long time ago which was very much relevant to my life. In fact, it is and it will always be. THis is my favourite... A Sad Sonata


The whisper of winter frosty wind

Brought forth the ------- memories

Which have let this life lives in devastated and sorrow

Which have let this soul lives in vain,

Which have rendered this broken heart

With its never-ending requiem

The endless

A Sad Sonata

8 June 2006, 1745