Monday, June 1, 2009

wHen tHe pAst CoMes to The PreSent...

After almost 7 years, I met my friends from my secondary school in a reunion initiated by some of them. Initially, I agreed to attend the reunion considering that I was quite free at the moment. Then, last minute, I needed to call it off due to certain reason. And then at the later minute than the last minute, I agreed to re-join the reunion.. Complicated huh? Yup! After all, life is complicated. Never mind, to encapsulate, I did come to the 2 day and 1 night event in PD.

The meeting was great... There were a few awkward moments for me... I personally find it quite hard to adjust myself at first because many things have changed including myself. I just cannot find the vocabs to describe why I felt that way... Maybe because they expect me to be how I used to be in school (I could sense that from they way they treat me): therefore, I needed to 'be' whom I used to be... Of course I have no hard feeling whatsoever for that but you know... Hmmm.. (It's hard for me to explain)...

Overall, things was great. The best time there was when I spent almost the entire night doing the barbecue dealing with the charcoal, meat, sausage, chicken and the smoke (only God knows how disappointing I was when there was nothing left to be cooked.. hehehe). It's easier to deal with dead things, really! (but I have no intention to be neither embalmer nor crematorium technician. What more a coroner).
The reunion calls me to reflect on the past things which reflection might change the future (I prefer to write it in general rather than specifying it. Let me keep this for myself since I nowadays do have an issue with trust. But generally, it's about how great things in the past didn't really turn out to be really great at the present- during the reunion, as I expected).

(p/s: This is rather an unedited version because I'm typing this in OLD TOWN White Coffee at my used-to-be houing area while waiting for the call from KFC regarding the part time job I applied last week. So, I couldn't really concentrate at my writing because I'm more focussed at the coffea.. hehehe.. I'll edit it next time)


  1. It's easier to deal with dead things, really! (but I have no intention to be neither embalmer nor crematorium technician. What more a coroner) - Azlan

    I find this as the most brilliant idea ever. I can undersand the situation somehow...the feeling of awkward. I am worst, I forgot most of their names (my old friends). Bad Aizam...

  2. Azlan was nudging my arse twenty-four-seven to update about his meetings with his school mate. AND he even called and text and do whatever he can while he was with them.

    Awkward, very much likely

    (how do i follow your blog? I'm getting rid of the blogger list)

  3. wah3.... welcome 2 da club..


    salam ramadan&aidil fitri